From international relations to the online world

Mark Ritchie's pictureWelcome to www.markritchie.ch, the online place where I share what I do, what I’ve done, what I like, a few pictures, thoughts and musings.  First of all, let me briefly jot down some elements of my academic and professional background.

I studied international relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, focusing on economics, international law, political science and history.

I then joined the watchmaker Baume & Mercier as an aftersales commercial administrator. My job was to provide  markets with  the spare parts and the technical information they needed. Working with Middle Eastern countries, France, Japan, Russia and Hong-Kong, I discovered just how popular swiss watchmaking is.

Writing for the web

I have been involved with online marketing since 2004, when I joined Mazda. I started with Product Marketing, then moved on to online Communication. I was in charge of the website, managing its content in french, german and italian with special attention given to texts, wording and readability. I also oversaw the brand’s Adwords and online campaigns (assets and tracking).

This is when I discovered the thrill the Web provides: being your own publisher, releasing content to the world in a few clicks. Getting the information out there. I started coding my own website in html and css, just for the fun of it.

Then came social media. Much was said about it at the time. And much was overrated, I think. After several years of watching and using it, I believe social media is exactly what it is – and not more: a sub-media which can be a great support to online communication if its strengths and limitations are clearly understood. I also think its influence is fading, not necessarily because of an intrinsic weakness of the social concept itself but because of the sheer amount of content published out there.


I was also responsible for planning and managing the Geneva & Zurich Motorshows for Mazda. This was a great experience because I got to organize things my own way and trust my intuition. Working with Details, one of the great web agencies in Switzerland, we developed an iPad client data-capture app used by our team on stand during the show. Wifi was used to synchronize the data with the remote server, then we opted for 3G, which was faster and stabler. It was simply great to work so closely with developers.

I have just completed my training in Web Project Management at the SAWI Marketing / Advertising / Communication school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

For more on what I’ve done, please see my CV.



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